Message from the Director

Message from the Director

Education does not mean bookish knowledge; it is incomplete if it does not have any relevance for real life. It should equip us to effect a positive change within society; provide us with a sound foundation to make us economically independent as well as help us achieve our mental and spiritual empowerment as thinking individuals.

The Glaze way of life has taught us to take a holistic view of education that prepares people for the real life challenges as well as higher ideals of truth, honesty, equality and justice.
We run many educational programmes to instil the right value system in our workforce, business associates and people at large. One of them is Digitalya, a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative through which mass training in computer skills is imparted free of cost, in the true spirit of Digital India Mission initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The Galway Foundation runs another CSR activity in the form of Self-Empowerment (SEP) through workshops that provide people great help in overcoming physical diseases, emotional issues and financial worries by using the techniques of subconscious mind. SEP is meant to provide equal opportunities to everyone to realise one's material and spiritual potential.
We take immense pride in the everlasting appeal and greatness of Indian culture. All our actions and efforts are guided by an underlying spirit of nationalism and patriotism. In doing so, we are inspired by the noble aim to spread awareness and knowledge in the lives of the less privileged sections of society.


Glaze Trading India follows a social responsibility to develop and empower people, whether it is its workforce or various other individuals linked to it or members of general public. For strengthening this Corporate Social Responsibility’s thought and making people’s life better Glaze Management initiated The Galway Foundation – Your Helping Hand.



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