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Children are not things to be moulded, but are people to be unfolded

A child is the biggest asset and the best investment. How? By nurturing and shaping a child’s life in a certain way, we add to the world. What are we adding to the world by raising a happy child? We are adding love and peace to a world that is made up by people and children are nothing but future people. But the unfortunate clause that stops this healthy investment is the torture and harassment that these kids receive from outdated and badly raised older children, adults. - See more at:

A child’s smile is the life of a family but not all families are fortunate enough to deliver the same results. The conditions, that children from not so fortunate families, live in are a testament to what is wrong with this world, our world, our home.

It was a very bright and pleasant day; my car had stopped at a traffic signal. While waiting for it to go green, I opened the window to admire the weather outside. Suddenly, a trodden child came to beg for food. Make a note, food and not money. I was surprised. With all that we hear about children and women at traffic signals we form a picture of a racquet. A means to an end. A ridiculous practise that employs such children in traffic signal begging and extort a certain amount from them. We have all seen the horrendous practise in films, so no further explanation is required. But., this young man was asking for food.

I looked at his wanting eyes, devoid of happiness. My first instinct was to pull the window pane up. We all associate everything to corruption. So did I. But the human inside me rebelled against my rational mind and decided to do the right thing. To give that young boy, a victim of his circumstances, some food. The red light still had more than two minutes to go green. Instantly, I stepped out of the car, took the boy with me and paid for his food to the food vendor at the roadside. The child out ran me in going towards the stall and was angrily shooed away by the vendor. I stepped forward paid him for two plates of his delicacies and told the vendor to serve them to the boy. Kindness being a rare sight, he gave a perplexed look to me. I looked at the boy. His happiness knew no bounds when he saw food coming to his table. His eyes, they did sparkle. The day got brighter. I sat in my car, the signal was green and we moved ahead on our way. No longer did I need to look out the window to enjoy the pleasantness of the day. The boy’s bright eyes remained with me and I was content.

Food is a need and not a luxury. Something, which should come to each one of us without fail. While planning our elaborate futures what we forget is our role and responsibility towards society. Our duty of making sure that every child receives the basics of life. Food, shelter and education; these three things are a birth right that every infant is born with. By, making efforts in the right direction if we can each educate and feed a child, not our own, yet ours, the world can be a much better place to live in.

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