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We were a Drop, now we are a Stream and soon we will be an Ocean

It seems like yesterday when we were planning to impart computer literacy to people with modest means. Little did we know that we be able to contribute to the lives of so many. When we talk to our students they tell us how much this means to them. How their lives have changed after receiving the computer training in our Digitalya Training Centres. It has been 5000 people now, we are both happy and teary eyed but these tears are of the joy and hope we have been able to instil in the lives of thousands of people who believed that there is no way out for the likes of them. We have given hope. Hope is the most important element and the most active driving force in one’s life and our students had lost just that before they saw our door and stepped in.

Today we are proud educators of 5000 people who have received computer literacy through our programs and are accordingly implementing it in their lives. India is changing at an unbeatable fast pace. With the Digital India drive, the necessity of more and more people to be computer educated is also increasing. The ones who are not aware of the basics of using internet and computers are definitely on the losing end. But, we at Digitalya won’t have that. While embarking on this colourful journey we promised ourselves that we will contribute to the education of as many people as possible and we have attained this mark of 5000 in less than two years.

Digitalya is a nest that nurtures and teaches the dwellers how to survive and shine in this world. This milestone of 5000 is a beginning. We aim to achieve much more than that. We aim to teach at least 100 students every day. We are on the mission. Help us grow, help us reach and help us teach.

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