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Digital Revolution has transformed the way people are leading their lives and running their businesses in today’s fast evolving world. The increasing reach of information technology has immensely helped in accelerating the pace of development in the world. India needs to spread the light of computer education to its remotest parts, if we wish to realize our dream of standing proudly in the league of developed nations. It is this noble goal that has encouraged Glaze Trading India in making its own contribution through Digitalya.

Digitalya is Galway Foundation’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative through which training in computer skills is open free of cost to all citizens of India. It seeks to empower Glaze distributors, business associates and common citizens with computer literacy, thus contributing towards the Digital India Mission of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in its own humble way.

Digitalya program has been strengthened by the growing army of Certified Computer Trainers who have risen from the ranks to carry further the torch of imparting computer literacy. On 20th November, 2015, the first Digitalya lab comprising state-of-the-art infrastructure such as computers, projector, printer, free internet connection etc was inaugurated at Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Each day the Digitalya initiative of the Galway Foundation is witnessing forward movement in terms of strengthening of the infrastructure and deepening of bonds among students, transcending the borders of regions and languages. The Foundation has embarked upon the mission of spreading computer literacy to the far-flung areas, empowering socially disadvantageous groups of society in a significant way.
Digitalya, the sapling planted by the company’s founders Mr. Chetan Handa and Mr. Sanjeev Chhibbar, has been nourished by the sweat of hard work and unwavering devotion shown by Team Digitalya. This digital education mission of Glaze Family completed one year of conducting computer training batches on 11th December, 2015. Since then, Digitalya has steadily grown to become a lush green tree providing verdant shade of computer knowledge across the national landscape.

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My experience of seeing the spark on people’s face after gaining the computer knowledge has been incredible. It gives me a sense of fulfilment when I see people being more confident about their dreams.


Had a great experience with Digitalya and got an opportunity for social work. My best wishes and support to Digitalya


Wonderful experience with Digitalya, it is a great feeling of accomplishment as you know your work is helping others for their development and Digitalya is the best way of giving back to the society.


Joined Digitalya to perform some task beyond my Current Role for sharing my knowledge and skills to the person who need it and wish Digitalya will achieve great success and grow day by day.

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