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'Digitalya' honoured at India CSR Awards 2017 India CSR Summit

Digitalya, the free-of-cost computer literacy campaign of Galway Foundation, was presented with an award for innovation in Education at the India CSR Leadership Summit & Awards 2017 held at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai on 26th of this month.

CSR Community Initiative Awards are among the most prestigious honours that celebrate and recognise institutions or programmes for their extraordinary contribution to the practices that make a difference in people’s lives.

Apart from recognising Digitalya’s spirit of giving back to the society, the award is an acknowledgment of the exceptional education quality maintained in all its countrywide centres, which have done well in bridging the digital divide across the country. The award recognises and appreciates #GalwayFoundation for creating opportunities for digital empowerment through Digitalya program that ensures an extensive participation of students in learning basic computer skills, bringing the vision of Digital India a step closer to reality.

India CSR Leadership Summit & Awards present an apt platform that brings together industry veterans and focuses attention on most excellent initiatives and innovations in the industry.

Mr Sarabjeet Singh Arneja, Director Glaze Trading India Pvt Ltd and Galway Foundation and Ms Jyoti Chopra Program Head, Digitalya received the award with visible pride and smiles.

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