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Message from Program Head- Self Empowerment Program

"There are many aspects to success; material wealth is only one component. But success also includes good health, energy and enthusiasm for life, fulfilling relationships, creative freedom, emotional and psychological stability, a sense of well-being, and peace of mind." Deepak Chopra

In the remarkable times that we all are living, the definitions of "well-being" are undergoing nuanced changes in the evolving order of the global social matrix. Human appetite is not limited to worldly successes, fame or recognition, for all these are transitory. Now, the inner urge to know and grow more in a holistic way that is in complete alignment with divine forces to sync the mind, body and soul, is overpowering in everyone who is looking beyond the wheel of life.

We all live on a stage where infinities gather and encourage us to create something more beautiful and deeper. For years, these thoughts floated in my soul like energy bubbles and it was here that gave them a shape and converted into a reality. With complete earnestness and dedication, I conceptualized a unique inner revolution called "Self-Empowerment Program" which has spread all over the country.

Self-Empowerment Program is a pure and noble initiative that emphases on the spiritual, financial, emotional, mental, physical and holistic development of an individual.

Many surveys say that the biggest problem in corporate is that the minds are highly focused on gain, so-called success and competition, but their emotions, thoughts and intentions are highly dysfunctional and unhealed for years together. Employees are silently suffering from physical diseases, anxiety, depression, stress, domestic violence and difficult emotions continuously. In Self-Empowerment Program with the support of our directors, trainers, master trainers, volunteers and co-coordinators; the real issues of a human life are being addressed with a gentle, compassionate and clinical methodology in far-flung places of country. There are many instances where while practicing SEP techniques people have successfully cured problems like insomnia, diabetes, asthma, vision problems, high blood pressure, hypertension, tuberculosis, gall bladder stone, joint pain, migraine, piles, high cholesterol, vertigoes, smoking, addictions and many other. We are collecting the medical proofs and deeply humbled to see people getting benefitted by simple techniques related to subconscious mind and meditation.

Self-Empowerment Program is not only a stress management or healing technique, but there is only one real purpose, which is to know one self. In nutshell, it prods inner journey to illuminate deeper aspects of soul and life.

Meditation and healing has only one reason: to get in touch with your soul, and then go beyond that and get in touch with the consciousness that your soul is a ripple of.

Self-empowerment Program is a river of illumination that focuses on Self-Healing, Meditation, Emotional Empowerment, Aura and Chakra Management, Breathing exercises, Subconscious Mind, Law of Attraction, Law of Karma, Law of Manifestation and actionable tools for spiritual growth. Under this program, we are cultivating smiling minds, compassionate hearts, successful lives that spread this knowledge in the farthest corners of world like powerful light beams.

There are exciting yet challenging times at Self-Empowerment Program as we are touching the deepest aspect of human life and I hope our initiative creates an opportunity for fellow human beings around the world to learn more about Self-Healing, self-development, meditation, holistic growth and total well-being. This program is entirely an inner manifestation of our esteemed Directors’ commitment to transparency, financial as well as spiritual growth of everyone.

We are motivated to take this journey ahead with the most sincere efforts to make this world more beautiful.

Accept my heartfelt Love & Gratitude
Romshri Ashesh
(M.D) (A.M).

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