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Self-Empowerment Program (SEP) is a training program to help individuals achieve empowered existence through the discovery of their true potential and powers hidden in the mind, body and soul.

Founded in October, 2012, SEP is being successfully conducted through workshops in different cities by Spiritual Trainer and Mentor Ms Romshri Ashesh. It has till date been held across 20 cities of the country and reached out to more than 38,000 people and developed 53 Master certified trainers & 243 Certified Trainers who are delivering this program to even the remotest corners of our country.

Thanks to SEP, people have received great help in overcoming physical diseases, emotional issues and financial worries by using the techniques of subconscious mind. SEP leads to an increase in the spiritual, social, educational, or economic strength of individuals. It’s also about letting go, and eliminating what’s making you unhappy. The program helps you increase the number of things you believe will make you happy. To do that, you have to get rid of the false, negative and outdated beliefs that hold you in bondage to the past and prevent you from living an authentic life in the present.

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